Analog Voice Logger

Analog Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging device that works with audio lines as well as PSTN lines. Analog Voice Logger helps in improving customer service by enabling your support staff and supervisors to review the actual telephone conversation with your customer, ensuring that you can immediately address pending issues quickly and fairly.The knowledge that business conversations are logged ensures that your support staff complies with the company guidelines on how to interact with customers.

Voice logging can be done on direct trunk lines as well as on extensions. Analog Voice Logger is available in 1/2/4/8/12/16/../32+ ports and as per the requirement the design is scalable to log higher number of ports. Browser based interface is one of the special features of analog voice logger which gives access from any part of the world. Multiple users can be configured with different access criterias in this system.

The application of analog voice logger: In call centers, it will help to keep track of all telephonic conversations to improve the customer care service; in banks, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, real estate markets, insurance companies etc recordings can be used as a cross reference to resolve huge money matter issues; in health care, travel & transportation and share trading companies recordings can be used for future verification.