Call Detail Records(CDR) Analyzer

CDR (Call Detail Records) Analyzer is a reporting tool which is used for analyzing various types of CDRs such as Single Number CDR, Multiple Numbers CDR, Single Tower CDR and Multiple Tower CDR. This software gives output data in many formats. We can get addresses of cell Ids directly.

We can get following type of data using this software

Single Number CDR:
       * Common Caller.
       * Cell ID Target Number.
       * Filter Time.
       * Filter Date.
       * Filter Number.
       * First and Last Call.
       * Multiple Cells ID.
       * Number Cell ID.
       * Same IMEI Different IMSI Number.

Multiple Number CDR:
       * Common Caller.
       * Internal Group Calls.

Single Tower CDR:
        * Same Caller.
        * Maximum Activity.

Multiple Towers CDR:
       * Common Caller.
       * Maximum Activity.
       * Common Cell ID Number.

Standard Features -
       * Reporting format is,

System provides you following details -
       * Source or Target No.
       * Associate’s No.
       * Date.
       * Start Time.
       * End Time
       * Duration.
       * Remark Column.
       * Notepad for entering comments.
       * IMEI No. (Optional).
       * IMSI No. (Optional).

Multiple backup and Restore Facility

Network Access

Advance Search Facility

(2 level passwords)