Digital Voice Logger

Digital Voice Logger is built on the ISDN PRI Line that can be used to record 30 incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously. This Voice Logger can be used in Call Centers for recording as well as in Security Departments for interception purpose. This E1 based voice recording system for mobile/telephone line Interception is designed to satisfy the growing need for cellular monitoring tools and methods to intercept state-of-the-art voice and data communications. Understanding calls interception operation helps law enforcement and government agencies, when looking to procure a mobile/telephone monitoring system.

Features of Digital Voice Logger

* Multi-line recording.
* Online Monitoring.
* Advance search.
* Call Grouping Facility.
* Advance Audio compression.
* Automatic Level control for Signal processing.
* Simple user friendly reporting.
* Remote Access.
* Multi backup facility.
* Fax interception.
* Call Forwarding (Manual and Automatic).
* Web based user interface for reports.
* More than 30 calls can be recorded at a time.
* Call source /destination Location tracking (MAP) (optional).