Features of IVRS

* Simultaneous handling of 1/2/4/8/12/16/../32 or more than 32 channels.

* Automatically establishes connection in response to the ring signal. Number of rings before picking up the call is configurable.

* Provides call statistics and customized report after call analysis viz. "Call success Rate", "Call Failure Analysis", "Response Delay Analysis",
    "Service-wise/channel specific calls", "languages selected".

* Good voice quality supports up to 48 KHz sampling.

* Multiple language support with user configurable channel specific language. Number of languages used may vary from 1 to 10.

* Capable of working 24 hours round the clock.

* Dynamic, user configurable, channel specific menu of IVRS, leading to setting of different service for different incoming lines (channels).

* Provides additional tools for recording and editing voice files and online deployment.