It is a compact and portable terminal that can satisfy sms communication needs over GSM. It can be connected to computers with the help of standard RS232C serial port to design and develop sms application.

Key Features

* Automatically send and receive SMS of requeAutomatically send and receive SMS of the requested number.
* Easy to send request Enquiry, example: - Just type mobile number sends it to FCT SIM number.
* Support for GSM and CDMA networks.
* DATABASE security: - only that number allowDATABASE security: - only that number allowed which is authorized in database.
* Rapid Development for SMS based applications.
* Network and device independence.
* Acknowledged Push Operation.
* Handles huge data volumes and AutomaticallyHandles huge volume of data and automatically maintains SMS Logs.
* Login Authentication for view logs.
* View logs report of request number enquiry and View logs report of responding number against request number.
* Easy to retrieve request, response search: - Search by from date - To Date, Request number, Response number, and comment by users.
* Multi delete records facility and Users can enter comments on each record.
* By entering four digit series of mobile numbers into the front-end view for searching records from database, to get quick response.
* Programming through the RS-232C port.
* Short message services (SMS).